Our Values

After much prayer and discussion, we believe that the Spirit guided the Light Family to the above Vision Statement. Likewise, the five of us believe the Spirit has guided us in compiling the unified belief statements in this document related to the six concepts contained in the Vision Statement.

We realize the entire Light Family may have different understandings of the concepts presented in the  vision statement. These differences could come from many different sources, like our various giftngs, interpretations of scriptures, life experiences, faith traditions and exposure to teachers and reference materials.

We envision that our values will evolve as we continue being led by the Spirit, more study, sharing life experiences, and additional teaching. Therefore, we invite each member of The Light family to take this journey with us and provide input. We understand that this process could lead to further modification of our values. 

What we believe...

We believe that the depths of the Holy Spirit will never be fully understood or comprehended through human rationality alone. We accept that attempting to be Spirit-led is to, at some level, embrace the mystery of God. 

We believe that the Holy Spirit was present before creation and continues to be present in God’s creation today.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is the power by which God gives life.

We believe that the Holy Spirit confirms in our own spirits that we have been accepted by God as sons and daughters.

We believe that all those under the New Covenant, both male and female, have access to the Holy Spirit today and throughout eternity.

We believe that God promises to give the Holy Spirit to followers of Jesus at baptism.

We believe that the community of Jesus’ followers, both collectively and individually, are indwelled by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that God desires to fill or empower all followers of Jesus with His Holy Spirit to accomplish His will in us and through us.

We believe that as followers of Jesus submit their lives to the Holy Spirit, the qualities that characterize Jesus’ life will also appear in the lives of His followers.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is not only a gift given to followers of Jesus but the Spirit also manifests Itself in the community through a variety of gifts or functions. We believe these gifts are available for the maturing of the church until the return of Christ.

We believe that the Holy Spirit functions as a teacher or guide, leading followers of Jesus into the fullness of the life God desires for them and others.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is the power by which God transforms lives. We believe in both the fast and slow work of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is able to be accessed in order to stand against the attacks of the enemy.

We desire for our life of worship to be Spirit-led.

We believe that the Holy Spirit assists followers of Jesus in prayer, interceding before God on our behalf.

We believe that the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives is a sign of assurance that God will fulfill all of his promises that are still in the future.

We believe that the Spirit of God, in cooperation with followers of Jesus, creates and maintains unity in the community.

We believe that followers of Jesus can, at times, drive away the presence of the Holy Spirit in their life and the life of a community.

We believe that we are a community that has been called to love, serve, encourage, and equip those who have made the commitment to be a follower of Jesus, especially those who have chosen to be a part of our faith community.

We believe that we serve a missional God.

Just as God sent His son and His Son sent the Spirit, we believe that we are a community that has been sent to serve, encourage, and share the love of God with those who have not yet put their trusting obedience in Jesus. It is our desire that each individual in our community would intentionally live their daily life in a way that spiritually impacts the lives of all those they encounter.

We believe that we have the responsibility to equip and empower members of our community who have been called and gifted to lead specific ministries both inside or outside of our community.

We believe there is power to impact the world for Jesus when a group of people are united under a shared vision of the Lord’s will for our community. While faith is personal, it was never meant to be private. We believe that commitment and accountability to a community of faith is essential for personal growth and missional impact.


We believe that God desires to transform, or change, all aspects of our humanity (mind, body, and soul) into the image of Jesus. We believe transformation can be experienced as a present reality today.

We believe that God will ultimately transform all aspects of our humanity (mind, body, and soul) into a state of eternal wholeness.

We believe that Jesus invited people to follow Him. While Jesus clearly explained the sacrifice involved with being his disciple, He did not force people to follow him and neither should we.

We believe that followers of Jesus should seek to hear and obey His voice on a continual basis. His voice should be sought through study of scripture, prayer, fasting, praise, service, silence, and engagement with mature, Spirit-led believers.

We believe that followers of Jesus should, through the enabling of the Spirit, seek to imitate Jesus’ life of sacrificial service. While His entire life is an example of living in submission to God’s will, this is most clearly seen in Jesus’ willingness to endure the suffering of the cross on our behalf. Scripture also teaches us to imitate the faith of mature, Spirit-led believers.

We believe that Jesus, in unity with the Hebrew prophets, focused his message on the arrival of the long-awaited Kingdom of God. In it simplest form, the kingdom can defined as God’s rule and reign on earth as it is in heaven. It is the strongest desire of our hearts that God’s rule will come with power in our personal and communal lives today.

We believe Jesus has made the Kingdom available through his first coming and that we are currently awaiting the fullness of the Kingdom which will be revealed at His second coming.

We believe the Hebrew prophets envisioned a future time when God would fully assert His power over Satan, ridding creation of all evil, rebellion, and death.

We believe that the beginning of that time has come with Jesus’s first arrival and is coming to its fullest extent upon His second coming.

We believe Jesus came to announce and enact that the Kingdom of God, the reign and rule of God on earth, is available and able to be experienced in our personal and communal lives today.

We believe Jesus also came to announce that the final dimension of the Kingdom of God, the complete and comprehensive reign and rule of God on earth, will only be available at His future return.

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