Help send Jordon & Kailey to China

Jordon and Kailey leave to serve and to teach English in China by March 2018!! This has been a huge leap of faith for these newlyweds and they need our help to make it happen!!  So… we are launching a square fundraiser to help get them to China!!

A square fundraiser is a grid numbered 1-100. Participates are asked to choose one or multiple squares and to donate the amount shown on the square. For example, if you choose square “35”, you simply donate $35. Once you have chosen your square, you can make your donation using the following PayPal account: or click on the links below. After your donation is made, your square will be checked off so that others cannot claim it.  Please comment on the FB page with the number square you choose. We are hoping that a 100 people are willing to support and join Jordon and Kailey on this opportunity to be a light to the Chinese people. Your donations will help cover medical expenses, visas, airfare, and first months expenses once in China.

Please leave a comment stating “Jordon & Kailey to China” when submitting your donation to PayPal. We hope to fill the squares as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your encouragement and support!!

**All donations are tax-deductible**

Donate using a credit/debit card

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