Through some of my connections with Bjarni Erlingson and Fran at the Manna House we were able to start getting some food to provide to our families in need, all of whom have multiple children. So we started packing and calling the families to offer them boxes of food each week. Soon some of the other schools in our cluster started calling and telling us about needs they have in their school. Through the help of Mrs. Sherrod (our behavior specialist) we contacted all the schools in our cluster and found the families with the deepest need in their schools. On Wednesday nights, we have a group of about 30 people that meet at SMS, pack the boxes of food, pick up milk and eggs, and deliver the food to the doorstep of the families in need that we have. We are currently serving 25 families comprised of 110 individuals, 90 of which are students at Sparkman High, Sparkman 9, and/or the 2 middle schools and 4 of the 5 elementary schools that feed them. Often times we find greater needs that we try to meet like clothing, beds, etc.

As our work has grown, we have seen just how much need exists. At times I have felt like our food delivery is completely insufficient for the need that is there. In February we began feeding students out of a cabinet. We were overwhelmed by the amount of need and were able to move our operation into an empty classroom. By the end of May, it was evident that we would be needing a building off campus in order to meet the needs of our community. As God’s Spirit moved over our work, Bjarni called me one day and asked if Jennifer and I if we could meet with Fran. Through that meeting, it became apparent that Fran was asking us to help fulfill part of her vision by beginning an arm of the Manna House in the Harvest area.


Lincoln Village Ministry started as a small seed, an act of obedience in 1992; the planting of one-acre of land to feed families in the community. Over 10 years, that one-acre grew to 40 acres...from the feeding of a few to the feeding of many.

Then in 2002, God imparted a new vision, “Go beyond the field to the streets; meet my people where they are...in their time of need.” So began a journey of amazement, the unfolding of the kingdom right before our eyes. That tiny seed grew to include education, counseling, medical services, sports programs, housing, bible study, and finally a church. The blessings came to the served and especially to those who served. Every day God reveals himself “able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us.” [Ephesians 3:20]

The history and work of Lincoln Village Ministry is a message of hope; hope for the needy – both servant and recipient. It is within the kingdom work where you come to know God, see God, and to feel his provision. It is here where you can rest in your weakness and take comfort in the fact that it is God, in all His glory, who provides for every need.